The Cross of Elements Plugs - 2g (6.5mm) through 1" (25mm)

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Our handmade porcelain plugs are double flared, vegan friendly and completely waterproof. (1” / 25mm pictured.)

Probably the most important symbol in so many cultures throughout history, the Cross of Elements encourages one to achieve balance between the four hemispheres of consciousness; the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. These four hemispheres are also symbolised by the four elements in astrology of fire, water, air and earth, and the four suits in tarot being Wands (fire), Cups (water), Swords (air), and Disks (earth). 

All orders come with a little pot of our legendary 'Plug Potion.’ This is our way of saying thank you. We have created a gorgeous butter to keep your holes healthy and your plugs fresh. With Shea Butter, Olive, Argan, Almond, and Lavender Oils, our butter has moisturising, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties.